In collaboration with EPSRC, Rolls-Royce plc and the Universities of Swansea, Cambridge & Birmingham
The   Strategic   Partnership   provides   a   UK   focus   for   metallurgical   research   in   gas   turbines across    the    aerospace,    marine    and    energy    sectors.    The    science    and    technology underpinning   these   themes   targets   both   the   development   of   novel   disruptive   structural metallic systems and the efficient exploitation of existing materials. The   vision   is   to   create   an   integrated   partnership   of   three   eminent   universities   with   a world-leading   gas   turbine   industry   to   inspire   a   generation   of   innovative,   metallurgical engineers   skilled   in   cutting   edge   technologies   and   networked   to   best   exploit   their collective   skills.   The   tools   of   these   new   engineers   will   be   nano-scale   characterisation, materials     modelling,     computational     simulations     and     the     use     of     large-scale internationally   leading   facilities.   Central   to   this   scheme   is   the   communication   of   the challenge   inherent   to   this   cutting   edge   science,   thereby   inspiring   the   next   generation of engineers.
Welcome EPSRC/Rolls-Royce Strategic Partnership
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Strategic Partnership in Structural Metallic Systems for Gas Turbines